About AAPR

The Australian Association of Progressive Repairers was formed in 2014 to promote progressive and sustainable reforms in the Australian Automotive Repair Industry. As part of this mission, AAPR became a signatory to the Motor Vehicle Repair and Insurance Industry Code of Conduct inline with our core principle.


Our Mission

We aim to be the reasoned voice of the smash repair industry in Australia. As such, AAPR’s membership and sponsorship programs attracts organisations that seek collaboration on issues and matters affecting progressive change. We enable dialogue between industry participants to find solutions to problems that impede progress in our industry. By doing this, we offer value to three distinct industry sectors differently.



AAPR provides a strong unified voice advocating for and safeguarding our members interests, particularly in the following areas.

  • Environmental Policies and their regulations
  • Industry Training Boards
  • Working with Government for better consumer services within the Automotive Repair and Services Industries
  • Promoting best practice management within the smash repair industry
  • A new voice on issues affecting the Automotive Repair and Services Industries



The Group

The day to day operations of AAPR are managed by the Management Committee within the Strategic Plan developed by the Board, and the key performance indicators by which performance is measured.

Emphasis is on service delivery to members in all States of Australia.

Steve Popovic


Steve Popovic has 38 years’ experience in the smash repair industry. He came to Australia as a teenager with his family from Croatia in 1975 and the following year began an apprenticeship in panel beating.

In 1984 he opened his first body repair facility and today owns the Mt. Druitt Auto Body Repairs in Mt. Druitt.

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John Spiteri

Vice President

Over the years he has worked very hard to become one of the most respected individuals in the automotive repair industry. His efforts and dedication have helped shape various parts of today’s vehicle repair processes.

In 1982 John formed Rigoli Smash Repairs with its first panel shop in Bexley NSW.

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Scott Stevens
Monza S/R & SmashTec



Peter Bubeck
Gemini Group



Andrew Hopkins


A passionate entrepreneur Andrew Hopkins is fast becoming one of the most recognised name’s in the automotive industry across the world.

Andy trained as a panel beater in the UK before opening the first Gemini body shop in 1990 at the age of 21.

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Greg Preston


I have been in the in the Motor Vehicle Repair, Insurance and Services Industry in a wide variety of roles for over 30 years.

My work experience started out with getting a trade, becoming an apprentice Panelbeater. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that came with fixing damaged vehicles.

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