Andrew Hopkins

Executive Chairman - Gemini Group

A passionate entrepreneur Andrew Hopkins is fast becoming one of the most recognised name’s in the automotive industry across the world.

Andy trained as a panel beater in the UK before opening the first Gemini body shop in 1990 at the age of 21.

Today as executive chairman of the Gemini empire, Andy’s business interests have facilitated a growing number of automotive repair businesses in both the UK and feature the largest network of smash and mechanical facilities in Australia.

After starting his business in the UK it was clear at an early stage Andy’s vision and abilities would drive the Gemini brand beyond the everyday smash repair business model.

He experienced rapid growth with more than 15 shops in the UK and then expanded his business profile building a healthy Property Portfolio.

In 2005 the opportunity opened up and he ventured into the Australian market and started the first hub of Gemini Accident Repair facilities.

Since that early acquisition Andy has built the Gemini brand into one of the largest privately owned consolidators offering integrated claims management and repair services to the insurer, corporate and consumer markets.

With more than 50 shops globally and continuously investing in people and resources, Andy has established an elite network of associates and partners allowing his companies to accelerate while maintaining outstanding quality and service.

Andy has developed a proven formula of success, innovating processes in Staff Welfare, WH&S, Customer Service, Repair Methodologies, Technology and Sustainability within his business structures. He has led the way in the birth of the new age Repair Facility and has grand plans to build the biggest, smartest, carbon neutral Automotive Repair Facility in the world.

People are the core of his business and Andy is always taking extra steps to make sure staff are priority in his many companies. His passion for philanthropy and helping those in need has seen his business contribute towards various community and charity groups giving hope to those less fortunate.

Judging by his accolades and achievements to date, mixed in with his relentless drive to succeed, Andy is set to make his mark as an innovator and pioneer of automotive repair processes in the global arena.

Andy sees the smash repair industry in Australia as a very exciting place to be at the moment, albeit a little oversubscribed, he can also see that the future lies in innovation, sustainability and investment and that’s what GEMINI stands for……

He became involved in AAPR because he was concerned that the Government of NSW have a very biased point of view from the current MTA who seem to have their own agenda driven by a few individuals and they don’t represent the minds and hearts of the industry as a whole.

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