Gavin Stuart


Gavin Stuart has been in the smash repair industry for more than 28 years. He started as an apprentice panel beater before obtaining his spray painting licence. Gavin began diversifying his skill set by providing plastic welding services to NRMA for its various components.

So far, Gavin has owned and operated nine smash repair facilities. He has introduced systematic licencing software into his smash repair business with insurer groups. Gavin has been a business consultant to more than 900 smash repairers across Australia organising technical training; administration training and online training through Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology.

Gavin travelled throughout Asia, visiting large smash repair facilities where he identified some of the most beneficial and profitable production systems and opportunities and bring them to Australia.

One of the futuristic systems Gavin has introduced into his facilities is a mobile phone application that runs on any smart phone. He has introduced QR codes on each job file so staff and other workers can scan and log onto each repair with its status displayed on their phone.

Gavin sees the future of smash repairs becoming more commercial with repairers engaging more with insurance groups. Accident avoidance technology in new cars means repairers will be dealing with smaller accidents in the future. Also, the technology will mean repairers must update their skills base to keep pace.

Gavin’s companies include:

  • Carstar Group,
  • My Car Repairs Group,
  • Express Repair Group, Unity Web Software, and
  • Australian Smash Repair Consulting Network

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