John Spiteri

P: 0419 493 570

John Spiteri started his career as an apprentice panel beater 36 years ago.

Over the years he has worked very hard to become one of the most respected individuals in the automotive repair industry. His efforts and dedication have helped shape various parts of today’s vehicle repair processes.

In 1982 John formed Rigoli Smash Repairs with its first panel shop in Bexley NSW then in 2007 moving to a larger 3000sm facility in Campsie NSW . In later 2014 he acquired a second facility laying the platform for a network of hubs in years to come.

John possesses a passion for the industry and works tirelessly to make a difference by being active on various boards, committees and development groups.

John has dedicated his time and experience towards innovating current repair processes for the better of the industry, quality of repairs and customer service. His efforts and input into these various groups have seen the birth of new legislations, enhanced repair methodologies, customer services programs, software’s development and insurer to repairer relations.

He has a very high work ethic and strives for perfection. Also, he is never afraid to jump in and be hands on when the situation calls. It’s in his nature to lead by example and show the importance of sticking to processes and proven formulae he has compiled over the years.

One of John’s most positive attributes is his ability to connect with his employees, and peers. He is seen less as a director, but more like a father figure, role model and friend to many around him.

John is very passionate about the future of the repair industry, thus the reason why his operations have some of the most active apprenticeship programs in the country.

John become a founding member of AAPR because he seen a need for a new voice and leader in the industry. One representing the panel beaters, by panel beaters. He was frustrated with the lack of action and forward thinking the current associations delivered. So the AAPR vision was born.

He sees the future of the smash repair industry as exciting, with the need for progression greater than ever. With other industries rapidly developing in areas of technology and sustainability the time is now the automotive repair industry took control of its own future.

To keep up with market trends and even lead the way in the space of smart developments in December 2014 John invested in a unique business model specialising in Smart Business Applications. Developing mobile & web technology, sustainability solutions and apprenticeship training modules all directed at delivering economical repair methodologies that have the potential to re shape the future of the automotive vehicle repair industry.

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